Dapu Specialty 3A Super Grade Tea


Dapu Tea, Oolong tea, Phoenix plexus, Grand Red Robe, Western rock tea,3A Premium, gift box 0.44lbs,1.1lbs.

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Dapu tea includes Oolong tea, Phoenix plexus, Grand Red Robe, Western rock tea.Dapu tea strips are full, firm, full, smooth and uniform, the color is black and brown, and the bottom of the leaves is bright green and uniform and soft. Fragrant nectar, natural fragrance, strong lasting fragrance; Orange-yellow bright, slightly golden; Mellow and sweet, rich and fresh, sweet aftertaste.


  • Tea grade: Super Grade
  • Picking altitude: 1000-1800m
  • Packing form: gift box
  • Commercial weight: 0.44~1.1lbs
  • Picking requirements: one bud and two leaves
Weight 0.44 lbs

3A Super frozen top Oolong 1.1lbs, 3A Grand Red Robe 0.44lbs, 3A Super Phoenix Single Plexus 0.44lbs, 3A Extra grade West Rock tea 0.44lbs


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